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Location: Huntingdon
23rd January 2018

Enrolment Week - Tuesday Take Care of Teddy

Henry having a cuddle with his teddy

As part of enrolment week on Tuesday 23rd Jan the staff and children were asked to bring in a teddy from home so they could show their teddy all the fun things we do at nursery.

 The children had a brilliant time sharing their learning environment with their favourite toys, they even had them join them for snack, dinner and tea. Taking them outside was great fun we even had a few hiding from us. 

It was a fantastic day where the staff in each room provided the children with some fun teddy bear themed activities, such as teddy bears picnics, sharing bear stories, looking after bears in the role play and in one room we even had some bears having a bath in the water trays!!

We just cant wait to see what tomorrows enrolment day will bring .....