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Location: Huntingdon
24th January 2018

Enrolment Week - Wednesday Fruit Fun

Fun in the Ambulance

Wednesday was the day to celebrate healthy eating with lots of fun with food based activities including cooking and lots of eating. The children had a great time exploring all the different healthy foods, talking about the colours, smells and most importantly the TASTE! 

 In the afternoon we had a surprise visit from an Ambulance which gave the children the opportunity to see inside it and speak to the paramedics. The childrens faces all lit up when they saw the big ambulance sitting in our nursery car park and had a great time asking the paramedics lots of question but most importantly asking "wheres the button was to make the neeenawww sound"

A big thank you to the paramedic team that came and spoke to the children, it was a fantastic afternoon that im sure the children will talk about for a long while.