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Location: Huntingdon
25th January 2018

Enrolment Week - World Wide Fun

On Thursday 25th January 2018 as part of our Busy Bees Enrolment Week we held a day dedicated to celebrating a different country with dressing up, music, craft activities etc, etc.

Vicky our Chef prepared a very cultural menu with foods like Paella from Spain, Nann bread and mangos from Pakistan, French bread and cheese and a Polish milk dessert along with Plum Cake from Germany. 

Throughout the nursery a great time was had by all, with photos being taken on the iconnect system so parents could witness all the fun their children had had. 

Just one example of the day is how much fun all the staff and children had in preschool with Isabel sharing some of her favourite Spanish past times with the children as well as seeing how well the children had remembered the colour names that she had shared with them in their previous keygroup time Spanish themed lessons.

Well done to all staff that brought in and shared things with the children, it really makes the day extra special for the children. And lets hope for an amazing day again tomorrow for Friday - Fresh Air & Fitness