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Location: Dunfermline Lauder (Halbeath)
18th June 2018

Enrolment Week -Monday 18th June -Friday 22nd June

During Enrolment Week we will have a variety of around the world activities for you to come and explore with your children. Registering your child for our nursery during enrolment week can get you a WEEKS FREE CHILDCARE **T&C apply** Please contact us to book your space. 

Monday 18th June - SPAIN - (Please wear red and yellow) 

AM - Picasso Painting's - The children will be looking at some of Pablo Picasso's famous artwork. They will then create their own Picasso paintings using a variety of mark making materials.

PM - Spanish Dancing - The children will be learning about different Spanish Music and dance moves and will be making up their own dance moves. 

Tuesday 19th June - BRAZIL - (Please wear Blue, Yellow and Green) 

AM - Rainforest Animals - We will be looking at what animals live in the rainforest and learning all about them. We will then be making our own pictures of the rainforest and the rainforest animals. We will be having Rainforest messy playing - excploring the rainforest in different creative ways.

PM - Rio Carnival Party - We will have our very own Rio Carnival - we will be listening to music, dancing and dancing with our friends. 

Wednesday 20th June FRANCE (Please wear Red, White and Blue) 

AM - Build the Eiffel Tower -  We will be showing the children pictures of the Eiffel tower and allowing them to build their own Eiffel towers indoors and outdoors using a variety of different materials and resources. 

PM - Learn French and French songs - The children will be learning French and French song 'Frere Jacques' Our French teacher Greeta will be in teaching the pre-school children who are already learnining french their new frnech words. 

Thursday 21st June - GERMANY (Please wear Black, Red and Yellow)

AM - German Folk Hat - We will be creating our own German Folk Hat using card and other art materials. 

PM - Playdough Pretzels - We will be creating our very own Pretzels using Playdough. We will be investigating the shapes and patterns of a pretzel while moulding the playdough. 

Friday 22nd June - MEXICO (Please wear Green, White and Red)

AM - Sombrero Hat Art - The children will be designing and making their own Sombrero hat to wear for the day. 

PM - Mexican Moves - The whole nursery will be joining together to do their own Mexican congo around the nursery as well as a Mexican Wave and doing their own Mexican Limbo.