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Location: Rainham
18th September 2017

Enrolment Week 18th September 2017 Preschool Room

Enrolment Week 18th September 2017 Preschool Room Photo-1
Enrolment Week 18th September 2017 Preschool Room Photo-2
Enrolment Week 18th September 2017 Preschool Room Photo-3
Enrolment Week 18th September 2017 Preschool Room Photo-4
Enrolment Week 18th September 2017 Preschool Room Photo-5
Enrolment Week 18th September 2017 Preschool Room Photo-6

Pre School started the week off with a splash of colour.  Rainbow pictures were made using a variety of textured materials to create their pieces, then they moved on to colour investigation.  The children chose a colour and added 4 drops of food colouring into a cup.  They chose to mix colours to make orange and purple then lined up the cups in rainbow colour order.  Next they covered the food colouring with baking soda and added white vinegar and watched the colours of the rainbow explode right in from of them.

Following on from their colour explosions the children took part in a food printing but as they printed they spoke about the different types of vegetables, shapes, sizes and where they are grown too.  Then they moved onto Bubble painting by where adding a dash of washing up liquid to some paint and water they can use straws to blow bubbles within the paint mixtures.  Yes they all wanted to blow the biggest bubble too!

Midweek the children went on a ‘Nature Walk’ where they collected all the little things they felt were to do with nature.  Once back inside they used card and glue to stick all the objects they found down to create a collage.

The children also worked on their biology skills, taking pictures of their eyes, ears, legs, arms, mouths etc.  These were printed and cut out by the children who then had the task of matching the parts back together correctly.  They did very well and even spoke about the differences between themselves along the way.

Water activities followed starting with a target game.  The children had to roll a dice to choose their number, then count the dots and spray at the bottle with the corresponding number on it.  They then had a science experiment on how rain is made.  By using sponges as clouds in a shallow tray of water, they were taught how the cloud (sponge) soaked up the water into the sky and then when the sponge was squeezed (action of air pressure) the rain fell back to earth.  They discussed the sounds, the smells and the feelings of being out in the rain.

Pre School ended the week with a team activity called ‘Don’t touch the floor’.  Each team had to help each other get from one side of the garden to the other without touching the floor.  They used balance beams, blocks and stepping stones.  Their problem solving skills shone in this task.  To finish off the day the children read ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ while working their way through the food that the caterpillar himself ate.

We welcomed children from our local area who with their parents/carers, got to enjoy in the activities alongside us and look forward to our next open week.