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Location: Chingford
15th June 2018

Enrolment Week Activities!


Theme: Exciting Moments Of Exploration

At Busy Bees at Chingford we have various fun, exciting and engaging activities planned for enrolment week. Bring your child along to join in with the fun.

Each day we have different activities planned, see below for more info.


Today we will be creating passports. Using childrens pictures we will be making them their very own passport, we will then have a discussion about the places they have visited and mark it off on their passport!


Today will be map making! Each child will get the chance to create their own maps, we will help the children mark the places they have visited and discuss the places they come from. We will also be discussing she shape of the world, the land and sea and the type of transports we use to visit places.


Today we will be focusing on the weather around the world. Using pictures of different types of weather, we will discuss where you might find that type of weather and what happensl We will also be watching different clips of weather and asking the children how it makes them feel.


Using books and other resources we will be speaking about different types of cultures including clothing and celebrations. The children can them create their own pictures of things we discussed,using a range of different resources.


At lunch, tea and snack time the children will be eating foods that have links to different cultures. We will be speaking to the children about what they are eating and what country it originated from.


For more info or to book your place for Enrolment Week please call the nursery directly on 02085247063.

We hope to see you there.