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Location: Ipswich - Rushmere
25th January 2018

Enrolment Week Day Four

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We have had a very busy day listening to, retelling and acting out our favourite stories today. Stories play a vital in role in children's lives from an early age. Stories help to shape the way children view the world and to gain a greater understanding of words and concepts vital for effective speech and communication.

The children in our Baby Room and Toddler Room had lots of fun learning all about 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Two year old Quinn particularly enjoyed tasting different types of porridge. One year olds Jasper and Oakley watched on in amazement as Quinn ate her bowls of porridge. The boys then pretended to feed each other porridge too.

Our oldest children in Pre-School became budding dentists for the day. Following on from yesterday's activities the children learnt all about oral hygiene. They listened to the story 'Alan's Big Scary Teeth' and enjoyed looking at each other's shiny white teeth. Nikodem and Grace worked very hard to clean all the teeth using the toothbrushes.