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Location: Ipswich - Rushmere
22nd January 2018

Enrolment Week Day One

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The children at Busy Bees in Rushmere had a fabulous start to Enrolment week on Monday. We had a fun packed day celebrating ourselves.

The children in our baby room enjoyed exploring colour and texture and created some wonderful masterpieces with bright and colourful 'painty' handprints. During the activity our 0-2 year old children demonstrated strong exploratory impulses, focusing attention for short periods of time. The children responded to common words and colours through the enjoyment of this wonderful sensory experience.

The Toddlers in our 2-3 year old room enjoyed listening to the story 'Funnybones'. They learnt all about the different bones in the body and explored different ways of travelling in the garden. The children particularly enjoyed slithering like a snake, hopping like a frog and buzzing like a Busy Bee. The children moved freely with pleasure and confidence, negotiating space and obstacles.

Our Pre-School children became budding artists for the day. The children painted portraits of themselves and their friends. The children talked about themselves, initiating conversations around their similarities and differences. The children listened carefully to what their friends said and asked some amazing questions of each other.

Lucy was very curious as to why her friend had different colour eyes to her and asked "If me and Mummy have blue eyes, does Daddy have brown eyes because he is a boy and we are both girls?".

Mihail had tremendous fun exploring his friend's face closely with a magnifying glass, repeatedly holding it near his face saying "WOW look at how big your teeth are".

The 'Marvellous Me' portraits are currently being displayed in our reception area for all to see.