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Location: Nottingham - Daybrook
19th September 2017

Enrolment Week Fun!

Enrolment Week Fun!  Photo-1
Enrolment Week Fun!  Photo-2
Enrolment Week Fun!  Photo-3
Enrolment Week Fun!  Photo-4
Enrolment Week Fun!  Photo-5

The children and staff have engaged in exciting creative activities. 

The toddler room created an exciting builders yard tuff spot, using sand blocks and builders tools. The children used their knowledge of how objects are used and the knowledge of job roles out of nursery. This creates an exciting stimulation for the children to initiate actions and conversations. This is one of our Busy Bees Enhancements called the "Babble to Chatter". 

The pre-toddler room also creating an exciting mark making activities using the balls and various coloured paints. This encouraged the children to talk about the marks that were made and the effects that the balls had on the paper. The children were also able to learn about colours and shaped.