Location: Hempstead
16th January 2017

Enrolment Week Fun

Last week our Nursery in Hempstead took part in 'Brining Stories To Life' enrolment week. The children enjoyed reading a variety of books, old and new, and have been involved with activities based on different stories.

The children from Pre School at Hempstead created their own stories as part of the story week. One group wrote about how Ben and Holly were flying and then got stuck in a tree, the other group wrote about how Tinkerbell gets lost.

The children in toddler room re created 'We're going on a bear hunt' in the garden, The children loved searching for the bear amongst the trees.

The wobbler room created 'Three little pigs' in a tuff tray attempting to make a house from straw, before tring to blow it down with a huff and a puff.

Amanda our Chef also joined in reading 'The Little Red Hen' then extending this by making delicious individual loaves of bread with the children that they were able to take home.


If you would to take part in future activities at our Hempstead Nursery or to come and have a look around then please get in touch on 01634 261156 or book a visit