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Location: Rainham
21st January 2018

Enrolment Week January 2018

With the overall topic of Enrolment week being all about the children and what makes them feel good, the children of Meredale Day Nursery didn’t waste any time with getting stuck in.

Vegetable and fruit tasting were on offer for the children to try a variety of new tastes.  The children discussed the tastes, shapes, sizes as well as their likes and dislikes with each other.

Each room took part in a planned activity involving fruits and vegetables in a slightly different way.  Baby room used their apples and pears to print shapes using paint on to plain paper.  Using lots of different words like ‘Paint’ and ‘Apple’.

Toddler room used their fruit to make fruit kebabs, carefully preparing their fruit with either peeling or cutting before selecting each piece with a cocktail stick to put onto their kebab skewer.  Toddler’s favourite part of this activity, of course, was the eating part!

Pre-school room prepared their own snacks mid morning to eat.  They carefully washed and cut their fruit pieces into bite size pieces before mixing a selection together making a fabulous fruit cocktail.

All 3 rooms took part in an obstacle course carefully constructed for each age range within the nursery to make the most of enhancing the children’s abilities.

Baby room carefully walked the balance beam finishing with going through the tunnel at the end to complete their mission!

Toddlers had to manoeuvre themselves around the outside of their garden, going over and under and round the particular obstacles in their way.

Pre-School room completely re-arranged their whole room to make enough room for their course.  They used steps, boxes, planks and cushions to make it all the way round without touching the floor.

During the week all the children were able to bring along photographs from home of loved ones and pets.  The children talked about who they recognised, used the photos to make scrapbooks and collages as well as exciting things they get to do as a family.

Throughout the week the children took part in activities that had an ‘Emergency Services’ theme.  They were able to role play by dressing up, getting into their characters by acting out scenes of being helpful.  They used emergency services vehicles to race them through paint, using the tracks to print the patterns onto paper.

Baby room also took this time to explore flash cards of all the people that help us.  The children were praised for their use of listening and attention skills throughout this time.

Various other activities were held throughout the week including singing and dancing, making a picnic basket.  Talking about their holidays and their favourite destinations they visit.