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Location: Rainham
18th September 2017

Enrolment Week September 2017 Baby Room

Enrolment Week September 2017 Baby Room Photo-1
Enrolment Week September 2017 Baby Room Photo-2
Enrolment Week September 2017 Baby Room Photo-3
Enrolment Week September 2017 Baby Room Photo-4
Enrolment Week September 2017 Baby Room Photo-5
Enrolment Week September 2017 Baby Room Photo-6

Our baby room set to work on their list of activities with great enthusiasm.  They started off with a soft play obstacle course with tunnels and tents.  Climbing over and under before setting up camp inside the tents where they wanted to snuggle and read some of their favourite books.  They enjoyed playing hide and seek along with peekaboo around the obstacles and ‘Boo!’ become their favourite word of the day.

They moved on to explore the deep sea within their room by filling their trays with sand and water and using their sea life animal figures to splash around under the ocean.

Following on from the sea theme, the children decorated pictures of fish with a wide range of resources, gluing their materials onto their fish design re-creating the shiny coloured fish from their favourite book ‘The rainbow Fish’.

As autumn approaches the leaves turn golden and fall from the trees, so we used this opportunity to collect some up and let the children create a masterpiece.  They loved how the leaves crunched within their little fingers when they picked them up.

Mid week, baby room got to explore water, sand and foam within their trays.  They poured, tipped, splashed and swirled the different textures around using different sized cups.  They were assorted with a range of colours which the children enjoyed mixing and making different coloured patterns around their pages.

Car painting was the next activity on the agenda for the week, where the children got to run the tyres through the assorted coloured paint, then ran their cars over their pages to create bright coloured tyre track pictures.  The different wheels made different patterns and is a much loved activity within the baby room.

Sensory play finished off the week with bags filled with assorted items for the children to touch, feel, poke and investigate.  This turned into the messier activity of exploring paint with their hands!  They mixed the colours together with their fingers making different colours and patterns.  They loved the feeling of the paint on their hands and kept rubbing them together.

We welcomed children from our local area whom with their parents/carers got to enjoy in the activities alongside us and look forward to our next open week.