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Location: Leeds - Colton Mill
20th September 2017

Enrolment Week So Far!

Enrolment Week So Far! Photo-1
Enrolment Week So Far! Photo-2
Enrolment Week So Far! Photo-3
Enrolment Week So Far! Photo-4

What an exciting week we are having so far, as we have invited visitors in to join our September enrolment week. Monday saw us creating our own masks to wear, with sticking, painting and colouring techniques used to make them individual. And our children were changed in to all different interesting animals and wildlife, from sheep to butterflies, and dinosaurs to bunny rabbits.

Then on Tuesday we became musicians for the day, and even put our creative hands to the test, by creating our very own musical instruments, using a range of everyday objects and textures that can be found at home. We then went on to decorate them, making them bright and colourful. 

Today we have put our culinary skills to the test with various cooking activities taking place, as we have cooked up some tasty treats, including strawberry jam tarts and cookies.

Why not come along and join us to see what the rest of the week has in store!!