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Location: Bridgend
23rd January 2018

Enrolment Week Tuesday!

Baby Room, During story time we have looked at special pictures of people who help us. We have also explored dressing up clothes and role-play toys. 

Freeflow unit, Fire engines and Role-play! We have had lots of fun dressing up as firemen and playing with water play. We have also been bathing the dollies and looking at care routines. 

Room 7 / Room 8 (toddlers) Today the toddlers have enjoyed dressing up as police persons and fire fighters. We also made ambulance pictures by gluing, sticking and painting. 

Preschool Today the preschool children painted their own 'People who help us' pictures. The children had lots of fun discussing what the roles were of the people we were painting. We will be displaying these in our foyer for everyone to see.