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Location: Norwich Meridian
26th January 2018

Enrolment Week at Norwich Meridian

Enrolment Week at Norwich Meridian Photo-1
Enrolment Week at Norwich Meridian Photo-2
Enrolment Week at Norwich Meridian Photo-3
Enrolment Week at Norwich Meridian Photo-4

This week, as part of our enrolment week, we have been learning all about 'People Who Help Us' and how to take care of ourselves. We have enjoyed role playing doctors and vets, looking after our dolls and animals at nursery.

The children in 2-3s learnt all about their looking after their teeth, brushing the teeth of our dolls and then using the toothbrushes to make marks in the paint. They have also been builders in our construction area with their tools and hard hats and busy on the farm in the small world area looking after the farm animals.

The babies loved washing their dolls in the bath and splashing in the bubbly water. They have been exploring the puppets and stories about different job roles. 

Preschool had a special fluffy visitor, Sue brought in her pet rabbit, Dumbledore. The children were role playing vets and learning how to take care of animals. Preschool have also enjoyed looking at baby pictures of themselves and their friends, some children were very confused that even the staff were babies once!

A brilliant end to our week has been a visit from the local fire service. The children explored the fire engine, they were able to sit in the drivers seat, play with the hose and sound the siren. 

A very busy enrolment week at Norwich Meridian.