Location: Sittingbourne
12th September 2016

Enrolment Week

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Our enrolment week was full of activities, something different every day. monday was Tuff Tray play, Tuesday was Number, Colours Day, Wednesday was Wild Welly Day, Thursday was Sensational Science and Friday was Imagination Play Day. Each room had different activities being carried out for the children to enjoy throughout the day.

Baby Room really enjoyed exploring the Ice Cube play, picking it up and feeling it. They also enjoyed the Wellie Boot splashing on Wild Welly Wednesday, where they put their wellies on to make lots of splashing! They also enjoyed Gloop play where the babies got really messy with this fun activity!

During the enrolment week, 2-3's room took part in Welly Wednesday. We used painted to do foot prints and splashed in the water with our wellies on! We also went on a number and colour hunt in the garden, naming the colours and numbers as we found them.

Pre-School had a really fun week with lots of activities! We explored the different tuff tray experiences, we then enjoyed our number matching where we labelled cars and car park spaces, and the children matched the correct cars to the correct spaces. We also enjoyed printing with wellies on big paper and making lots of splashing with our wellies on! For sensational science, we explored how to make a rainbow using Skittles and also made our very own volcano using baking soda and vinegar. Our imagination play day was full of Gruffalo fun! We made Gruffalo crumble to take home and cook, we had story time with the Gruffalo puppets and also set up the tuff tray in the forest with our story puppets so the children could explore and use their imagination!