Location: Welwyn Garden City
12th September 2016

Enrolment Week!

Enrolment Week! Photo-1
Enrolment Week! Photo-2
Enrolment Week! Photo-3
Enrolment Week! Photo-4

We started this week with some amazing activities we had a range of activities throughout the day to enjoy and a range of our Busy Bees enhancements on offer as per their daily activities. The children engaged in a range of activities from sensational science to tuff spot play, the children did some colour mixing, dinosaur island play and musical instruments it was a very busy week so jam packed with learning opportunities and fun.

The nursery was open for potential parents to come and visit and see what fantastic activities are on offer to the children. We had a high quantity of nursery visits and over 11 bookings signed up to start the nursery it was a great success.