Location: Nottingham - Clifton
12th September 2016

Enrolment Week

Well what a fun filled week the children and staff had it all started off Monday with Tuff Tray Play where the children had the chance to pretend that they were builders using play cement to build. Pre-school had polar bears in the Arctic with huge pieces of Ice.

Tuesday was Numbers & Colours the children enjoyed and participated in a variety of game's and others enjoyed sorting and matching they especially enjoyed making patterns. 

Wednesday was Wild Welly Wednesday - Well what a day this was the children thoroughly enjoyed this day from filling Wellie's full of different things that they can touch from lentils, cornflower, flour and soil to painting and decorating as bright and as colourful as they can. Other children made different marks and patterns by putting the wellies in the paint then stomping them around the paper looking at the marks they made.

Thursday was Sensational Science - The children were glued to their seats this day not knowing what was going to happen first or what was going to happen when it did!!! The children took part in the Volcano experiment and watched the volcano erupt and the lava come spilling out from the top they were so excited too see this. Pre-school children took part in the magic milk experiment and watched all the different colours spread right the way across the tuff tray.

Friday was Imagination Play Day - Where some children came as their favourite character's for the day acting out their favourite play scenes. Children throughout the nursery participated in a variety of imaginative activities and scenarios but their favourite one of all was 'Going on a Bear Hunt' the children went swishing through long grass, twirling through the wind and stomping through mud the children really finished the week on a high.