Location: Bexleyheath
12th September 2016

Enrolment Week

Enrolment Week Photo-1
Enrolment Week Photo-2
Enrolment Week Photo-3

The children enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities each day. On Monday, the children used tuff trays to explore different materials and textures. The next day, we explored numbers and colours, paiting with number sponges and mixing colours to create new ones. On Wednesday, the children had fun with wellies and exploring new ways to use them. The children stood in paint and then walked on paper or the pavement, seeing the prints they had made. We had science day on Thursday, where we made volcanos using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. We also used skittles, puring over hot water to see the water change into different colours. Then for the final day, we used our imagination, pretending we was going to space or flying on an aeroplane!