Location: Edinburgh Park
19th January 2017

Enrolment Week

We are having a great enrolment week so far. The children in our nursery have been enjoying the activities planned for this week such as exploring story scenes within their tuft trays and the children's favourite; Going on a bear hunt. Each room did this activity in different ways which was exciting to see. The toddlers enjoyed getting down and dirty while they searched for their bear as they had to trudge through water, mud and gloop (which was used to represent snow) to find him. Its great to see the staff being creative with their ideas which stimulates the children's imagination as the story is being brought to life.

On Monday we had a parent come with her little baby to have a play in the baby room. Her child starts with us in April so this was a great way for her son to meet the staff before he has to settle and those all important relationships beginning to form. 

Today we had three show arounds all turn up at the same time which kept us on our toes but we managed to get through it with all having seen the baby area where their child would attend. So far this week we have registered a number of children resulting in 4.6 ftes for the nursery. And the week is not finished yet. Lets see what tomorrow brings.