Location: Preston - Preston NHS
16th January 2017

Enrolment Week!

We really brought stories to life with a fun-filled Enrolment Week! Our nursery held lots of exciting activities throughout the week, with a different theme for each day.

Teddy Bear Tales
Today at nursery, the children got very creative in making and decorating their own teddy bear biscuits, before enjoying a teddy bears picnic accompanied by their favourite teddies from home. We also had the pleasure of being joined by Harriet Gore who carried out a fantastic music and movement session.

Share a Story
We had the enjoyment of being visited by a  story teller from Usborne books this morning, who read some exciting tales to us, also providing the children with props to really make them come to life! We also introduced role play into our day by acting out some of our favourite story scenes.

Create a Story
The children here at Preston NHS used some brilliant drawing skills to create their own story boards today. We also introduced imaginary play to the younger ones, and helped create their own stories using happy land. We also used playdoh to create different characters from our favourite stories.

Traditional Tales
We enjoyed using tuff trays to set up scenes from our traditional tales today, meaning the children could act out in tales in their own way using their imagination. The children particularly loved acting out 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' in the garden, exploring the swirling whirling snowstorm and the deep dark cave!

Story Sacks
We really brought stories to life today by exploring our own story sacks, filled with exciting accessories. The children really enjoyed using these to act out the different scenes as they listened to the story.