Location: Mill Hill
14th June 2017

Enrolment Week

Hello everyone,

We are having 'Our Tasty Summer' enrolment week from the 19th June to 23rd June.

Make it Monday


We will be making colourful plates of food using sticking and glueing resources, textured paper and card in different shapes, sizes and colour.


We will be making sandwiches for tea using different healthy ingredients.  We will be cutting the sandwiches into funny shapes and eating them with the children.


We will be making fruity ice pops with the children which will enjoy once they are frozen.  We are going to use all the fruit we like and talk about why we should eat fruit.


We will be making Gingerbread men with the children and encourage them to decorate them.

Taste it Tuesday

It's Our fruit tasting day.  We are going to try lots of different and new fruits.

Wake up Wednesday

We are going to have different sports games in the garden, we are going to encourage to take part.  We will talk about why it is important to exercise to stay healthy.

Teddy Bear Thursday

We are inviting our Teddy Bears to come and join us for tea.

Fruity Friday

We are going to dress in the colour of our favourite fruit.  We are going to sing songs, read stories, participate in activities all about fruit.

Come along and take part.

See you there.