Location: Northampton - Wootton Fields
8th September 2017

Enrolment Week

The week commencing the 18th September is Busy Bees Enrolment week, focusing around lots of different creative activities for all ages.

Staff at Wootton Fields have created lots of fun wonderful activities for you and your child/children to participate in, showing you both how much fun we have at Nursery whilst still learning.

Below is a list of the activities which will be on offer and the learning opportunity behind it, if any of these interest you please feel free to book into a session or you can show up on the day.

Monday –  Acting Stories - 9:30-10:30

Poppies/Violets (Babies) – The staff will be acting out the story of ‘We are going on a bear hunt’, using props and tuff trays for the children to explore the different scenes within the book.

Sweetpeas (Toddlers) – Children can come to nursery dressed as their favourite book character and talk to their friends about who they are and the story behind their character.

Sunflowers (Pre-School) – Children can come to nursery dressed as their favourite book character (and bring the book if they wish), they will be discussing with their friends about who they are and the story behind their character. Sunflowers will be delving into more details by looking at the settings and seeing if they can identify other characters from the story.

Monday – The Hungry Caterpillar - 2:30-3:30

In the afternoon session all the age groups will be looking at ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ looking at different healthy food options and creating caterpillars pictures.

Tuesday  –  Mud Kitchen - 9:30-10:30

All age groups will have access to a mud kitchen today, exploring the different textures and maybe making a meal or two!

Tuesday  –  Make a ‘mud’ cake - 2:30-3:30

Poppies/Violets (Babies) –  will be decorating a biscuit with ‘mud’

Sweetpeas (Toddlers) – will be helping make mud 'marble' cake

Sunflowers (Pre-School) – will be following a recipe to help make 'mud 'marble' cake, making sure we have the correct weight and helping mix the ingredients together. 

Wednesday – Sensory Play - 9:30-10:30

Poppies/Violets (Babies) & Sweetpeas (Toddlers) – exploring different textures further by playing with gloop, paint & many more materials.

Sunflowers (Pre-School) – in our Pre-School room they will be using different textures available to them to create a picture representing an item for the letter of the week.

Wednesday - Sensory - 2:30-3:30

Poppies/Violets (Babies) – We are going to create sand mirrors in the baby room and play with our sensory bottles.

Sweetpeas (Toddlers) – Using a tuff tray and sand hide ‘our friends’ pictures and search for them – once found, can you identify them?

Sunflowers (Pre-School) – Sunflowers are going to play a game using only their sense of touch, encouraging the children to use descriptive words to describe a hidden item for their friends to guess.

Thursday – Portraits and Family - 9:30-10:30

Poppies/Violets (Babies) – we are going to look at pictures of our family today and encourage recognition.

Sweetpeas (Toddlers) – our toddlers are going to use mirrors and draw pictures of their faces, whilst discussing what shapes they might use to distinguish certain parts.

Sunflowers (Pre-School) – our Sunflowers are going to also be using mirrors to draw their faces, however they will also be discussing their different characteristics and what makes them different to their friends.

Thursday – Portraits and Family - 2:30-3:30

Poppies (Babies)/Violets – using facial parts create a face, encouraging the children to point out where their eyes, nose and mouth are.

Sweetpeas (Toddlers) – Using different types of vegetables Sweetpeas are going to print a face picture, exploring the different textures of the fruit and looking at the different shapes.

Sunflowers (Pre-School) – Using all the materials available to them, Sunflowers will be creating a mosaic/portrait of themselves, incorporating the correct colours and shapes needed.

Friday - Dancing - 9:30-10:30

Throughout the nursery we are going to have a bouncy Friday morning, we will all be involved in Wake & Shake (which is a Busy Bee original song incorporating lots of different movements) and will be singing a variety of action nursery rhymes.

Friday – Animal Bop! - 2:30-3:30

Poppies/Violets (Babies) – Using the story Doing the Animal Bop, our babies will be encouraged to move around to the story. Stomping, crawling and walking.

Sweetpeas (Toddlers) – Toddlers will be looking at more movements from within the book and seeing if they can copy all the animals. Can you hop like a Kangaroo?

Sunflowers (Pre-School) – Our Pre-School children really enjoy acting out this story, so they will be creating the animal movements and discussing the differences between the different animals.

If you would like any more information please get in contact either by telephone 01604 702929 or email through northamptonwoottonfields@busybees.com