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Location: Hempstead
10th January 2018

Enrolment Week

We have a fun packed week the week commencing 21st January;

On 21st January the children will talking about 'themselves', what do they look like, how old are they, what is there favourite thing to eat, to do, to visit, what do they not like doing, we have also asked the children to bring in photographs from home. The children will also be drawing self portraits using mirrors and a utensil of choice. 

We have the Fire Service & Kent police attending nursery along with vehicles to talk to the children about Fire safety, road safety and stranger danger on 22nd January.

On 23rd January our Chef Amanda will be participating in healthy eating activates such as making smoothies and fruit kebabs and our Housekeeper Gosia will be discussing hygiene with the children, why we was our hands, why this is important. The children will also learn the importance of brushing your teeth, what foods are bad for your teeth and what foods a good. 

The children will be using there imaginations with these exciting activities on 24th January, the children in the 0-2 room will be jetting off on holiday, after discussions with parents on where there may be going on there holidays this yeah the children will be helping make an aeroplane from junk modelling and sampling foods and culture from the chosen destination. 

The children in the 2-3 room will be transformed into Archaeologists' for the day, digging for dinosaurs using hammers, paintbrushes, sieves,  ice, sand, soil and more.

The children in the 3-5 room will be wizards casting spells, making potions & creating there own stories.

25th January is keep fit day, we will be looking at what it takes to keep us fit ie through exercise and healthy eating. The children will take part in aerobics along to Disney music and wake and shake. 

If you would like to come along and in with these activities please feel free to give us a call on 01634 261156 or book a visit using the tab on our web page.