Location: Tunbridge Wells
15th September 2016

Enrolment Week!

Enrolment Week! Photo-1
Enrolment Week! Photo-2
Enrolment Week! Photo-3
Enrolment Week! Photo-4
Enrolment Week! Photo-5
Enrolment Week! Photo-6

This week we have been taking part in lots of different activities for our Enrolment Week. On Monday we had lots of different activities in our tuff trays including snowdough, ball painting, junk modelling and textured sticking. On Tuesday we did activities involving number colours so we mixed paint, made numbers from different materials and made number lines. On Wednesday we had lots of fun with wellies, we did welly dancing, welly races and guess what is in the welly. On Thursday we had a science day where we made playdough and made planets. On Friday we had a very imaginative day where we used our talk time baskets and had a puppet show.

We had so much fun in the nursery and there were so many fun things going on!