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Location: Northampton - Wootton Fields
22nd January 2018

Enrolment week activities

Enrolment week activities Photo-1
Enrolment week activities Photo-2

Throughout the week the children have been trying some new activities alongside some old favourites.  We have had visitors into the nursery and pre school to see join in with the activities.

The pre school tried some new science experiments, using milk, food colouring, a cotton bud and liquid soap, the children where able to see the fat contact in milk - watching the colours move and compared full fat milk to skimmed.

In Sweetpeas, the children made paper plate faces at the start of the week and explored moon sand towards the end - finishing with dancing and exercising on Friday.

The younger age group - Poppies and Violets have been investigating mixing colours with cornflour, and became scientists with ice - what did they find inside?