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Location: Enfield
18th June 2018

Enrolment week fun!

This week has been so much fun for the children, they have been taking part in lots of activities all around the World Cup!

There has been target practice with the preschool children, balloons filled with paint were the targets and the children aimed at them with balls and tried to pop them.  As you can imagine this activity got very messy!  But they had lots of fun and developed their skills.

The toddler children have been playing with various sized balls, rolling, catching and kicking, they have even had balls in their water tray, talking and counting and learning new colours.

The baby unit have also been taking part, there have been sensory activities with balls hidden under brightly coloured material and they have been rolling, bouncing and playing together with the larger balls.

Great fun and lots of learning opportunities for all of the children.