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24th January 2018

Enrolment week news day 1

Enrolment week news day 1

22nd January 2018

We have been very busy celebrating enrolment week and have enjoyed showing lots of new families around our nursery.

Monday was 'All about me'

We completed lots of activities around this topic. 

In Ladybirds (2-3's) they had a lovely home scene with houses, people, cars and the road. The children were able to talk about where they live and what their houses and cars are like.

In Dragonflies (0-1's) they spent time with the black and white family photos encouraging the children to point and make gestures at their families. This aided their communication skills.

In Foundation class (3-5's) they created self portraits and talked about their facial features. This was supported by the multicultural play people. The children were able to notice similarities and differences between them and their peers.


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