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Location: Braintree - Great Notley
24th January 2018

Enrolment week news day 3

Enrolment week news day 3 Photo-1
Enrolment week news day 3 Photo-2
Enrolment week news day 3 Photo-3

Today we have been celebrating enrolment week day 3. The children have been doing activities around the theme 'Healthy me' and we have been showing more lovely families around the nursery.

Our Foundation class (3-5's) have been looking at teeth and how to keep them healthy. They have also been looking at fruits and how they help us to keep healthy too.

Our Dragonflies have been using their soft plush fruit basket talk time basket to look at being healthy. The children were encouraged to share the resources and the practitioners encouraged lots of communication too.

The Ladybirds (2-3's) have been having a healthy picnic in their home area. The children talked about their favourite fruits and vegetables. This lead onto talk about our teeth and bodies and what we need to do to be healthy. They then did wake and shake - Busy Bee's exercise program to help us get ready to learn for the day!

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