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Location: Braintree - Great Notley
25th January 2018

Enrolment week news day 4

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The enrolment theme 'Thrill seeker Thursday' was brilliant at Braintree Great Notley. All the children had fun exploring their interests, favourite things to do and talking about their holidays and birthdays coming up.

We showed some lovely families around the nursery and we hope they enjoyed seeing all the lovely activities we had on offer!

Our babies were exploring their interests for 'Thrill Seeker Thursday'. The babies love the light box and were exploring this in a dark room with their peers with all the coloured shapes and stacking blocks. It was great fun! In the afternoon the babies had a large scale small world and messy play themed activity - this involved a tray of crazy soap with animals, a tray of blue and white paint under cellophane, followed by a tray of blue material and sand (the desert) with the Noah's arc. We also added earthy material along the table with the cars track and people. The children loved mixing their two interests together and getting really messy with the animals.

Our Foundation class had a mini school scene where they were able to talk about the transition they will soon make to school. There were registers, highlighters, pencils and grips and children's names to explore. The children were encouraged to recognise their own names and those of their peers and to talk about their exciting moves onto big school very soon!

If you would like to book a viewing for enrolment week please call 01376 552700 to book a suitable time for you. We would love to show you our outstanding nursery!