Location: Gt Yarmouth - James Paget
26th March 2017

Exciting announcement!!!

Collecting stones for the tank
Collecting rainwater for the tank
Exciting announcement!!! Photo-3
Exciting announcement!!! Photo-4
Exciting announcement!!! Photo-5
Exciting announcement!!! Photo-6

The children have been talking about wildlife and life cycles, so with the help of the lovely caretaker at Wroughton Junior school, we are very excited to say we have LOTS of baby tadpoles currently living in Discovery room.


The children (and staff!) are very very excited to have the tadpoles. The children spent a few days collecting stones for the tank, rainwater from the garden and researching what the frogs needed to have in their tank to make it like the pond.

When they arrived they were tiny little black eggs (frog spawn) and they are rapidly growing!! They now resemble tiny tadpoles, with wiggly tails and seem to be thriving in the hustle and bustle of pre-school. We will keep you updated with their progress....