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Location: Cheadle - Kingsway
25th October 2017

Exploring Autumn

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Throughout the nursery we have been observing the change in season.

The Pre-School 2 room have been reading "Ferdie and the Falling Leaves" and recreating the pictures of the trees with the falling leaves with paint using their fingers and arms for the leaves and tree trunk. We have gone out side and spoke about what we could see. Many of the children knew lots about Autumn and enjoyed telling their friends what they knew.

Pre-School 1 room have been going into the garden to find different leaves and twigs then they did leave printing with paint and gluing and sticking with what they found.

The Toddlers got involved by doing some baking. They made banana bread using Autumnal spices. The children smelt the cinnamon and spoke about what they could smell and if they had tasted it before. They also used colours you might see in Autumn to paint their display board they put the paint in a tuff tray and put wellingtons on the children and got them to walk across the paper. It made some great textures and patterns,

The Baby Unit collected sticks from the garden and used it to paint with to explore the paint and have some Autumn messy fun.