Location: Ashford (Trinity Rd)
3rd April 2017

Exploring Cloud Dough in Mermaids

'A' exploring the cloud dough using his hands and a car

In baby room, Grace and Chloe love to provide exciting sensory experiences for the babies on a daily basis. On Monday 3rd April, a group of the babies explored 'cloud dough' using their hands and a variety of different objects.

Some of the babies used their hands to explore the texture, while one used the car to make track marks in the dough and another filled small containers.

Please do come along to our baby room to see the wonderful activities your child could be experiencing daily! If you would like to make your own cloud dough, the recipe is below;

Add one cup of baby oil to 8 cups of flour and stir well. Add paint, glitter or food colouring to make it even more exciting. It's that simple!

Have fun!