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Location: Glenrothes
12th January 2018

Fairy Tales @ Glenrothes

Fairy Tales @ Glenrothes Photo-1
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This week the children's interest lead us to look at Fairy Tale stories. So far we have looked at the story of the, 'Three Little Pigs'. We gathered together different resources to build a house with, just like the pigs did! We had straw, bricks and sticks. The boys and girls spoke about ways in which they thought the pigs had built them. One child saying, 'He must have tied the straw together to make it stand', 'I cant blow these bricks down.', 'I think it would be cold to have a house with sticks'. Alongside speaking about the different houses we spoke about how we think the pigs would feel getting chased by a fox and on top of that loosing their houses they had spent time building!
On Tuesday we looked at Cinderella. We made our own wishes imagining we had our own Fairy God mother. One child said, 'I wish I had 40 mum's and dad's!' and another just wishing for a 'new bike for an hour'. We spoke about how Cinderella would feel too that she is expected to do all this house work with no help from anyone else, we wondered how it would feel so we tried it ourselves. We washed dishes in the water tray with cloths and we brushed the floor. 'That was hard, Cinderella must have a really sore back'. On Monday we plan to read Little Red Riding Hood and speak about how our Granny's look and how it is dangerous to be alone in the woods!