Location: Bexleyheath
16th June 2017

Father's Day

Father's Day  Photo-1

Today we celebrate Father's Day and how much they very mean to us. The older children spoke about their Daddy's and Carers during circle time and explained to their class why they were so important 

One child said " I love my Daddy because he play's with me and buys me special things"

They then read a story about their Daddy's and Carers and why they were special to me.

All the rooms done display boards with photos of the children with their Daddy's/ Carers, with pictures drawn of them, car track printing in the younger rooms. 

All the children made cards for them to take home and certificates of their Daddy's / Carers followed by a party tea that Daddy's / Carers came along to join in. 

Some children even sent home some lovely poems about their Daddy's, it even brought tears to one parents eyes.

What a lovely day, we hope ever one had a lovely Father's Day!