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Location: Northampton - Wootton Fields
15th June 2018

Fathers Day Challenge

Fathers Day Challenge Photo-1
Fathers Day Challenge Photo-2
Fathers Day Challenge Photo-3
Fathers Day Challenge Photo-6

The Pre School have made a trophy - the only one of its kind.

The challeneg is set out.

Which dad will be the fastest at building a tower of 9 blocks........ using chopsticks.

There were tamturms and tears through the practice sessions and then onto business.  The stopwatch is set and the time trails begin.

Whose tower will still be standing at the end?

Who can grasp the chopsticks in a fashion that can support the lifting of the blocks?

A healthy revivalry is growing.  'Whats the time to beat'.......'I'm trying again'........ 'How did he do it that fast?'.......


And the winner is.............

Chris Fielden-Weston with a winning time of 13.56 seconds.

Congratulations Chris.  

Thank you to all the parents who attending this mornings event.