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Location: Chorley - Brooke Street
18th October 2017

First Aid Fun

The Pre-school children showed fantastic listening skills today when discussing how doctors and nurses care for us and some of the tools and equipment they use to make us better.

All the children where hard at work trying to make one of the staff members better and learning how to help practising on one another. We practised bandaging various parts of the body and also used a triangle bandage in case some one hurts their arm.

The children discussed their experiences at the hospital and doctors and explained what they did to make them better.

We also talked about the number that we needed to ring if it was and emergency and used role play so the children could act out what they have learned.

Some children also learned how to put people into the recovery position on both their friends and the staff team and where very excited to show their loved ones at home at the end of the day.