Location: Lewisham
20th March 2017

First Day of Spring

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To celebrate the first day of Spring the children engaged in a number of planting activities and developed an Understanding of the World by learning how to care for things in our environment to let them grow.

New vocabulary was introduced to the children such as roots, stem, leaves, buds and pollen. This supported the Communication and Language area of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children made observational drawings of flowers, which encouraged their fine manipulative development and their ability to notice detailed features.

Fruits and vegetables were explored to enable the children to talk about where foods come from and to support them in understanding how different foods contribute to keeping us healthy.

The children completed drawings and emergent writing to create an indoor flower garden to store their seedlings and bulbs, so they could return back to them and watch them grow. Everybody enjoyed using watering cans to help the flowers grow.

We used scissors to cut herbs to enjoy new smells and textures and developed our ability to use one-handed tools and equipment.