Location: Braintree - Great Notley
30th September 2016

First day bags

First day bags

We understand how hard it is to leave your little one at nursery and would like to make the transition a little easier for you. We have put together a few essentials to get you through their first day at Great Notley Busy Bees.

In our Busy Bee bags you will find:

  • Tissues to wipe away any tears that you may have as you wave Bye Bye
  • A Tea Bag and a treat to encourage you to take a minute out of your day and sit down and relax…… It’s the least you deserve.
  • Busy Bees phone Number so you know you can call to check on little one if you want to!
  • A Feel Welcome booklet to give you all the information you may need about Busy Bees. 

These are conveniently placed in our multi-purpose and your key person will give this to you on your child's first day. Or alternatively please help yourself.