Location: Letchworth
13th July 2017

Food Tasting!

Food Tasting! Photo-1
Food Tasting! Photo-3
Food Tasting! Photo-4
Food Tasting! Photo-5

On Tuesday the 11th July our Chef Martin prepared a selection of samples of food from our summer menus.

There was Beany Shepherds Pie, Vegetable curry, Homemade coleslaw, Salmon Crustini, Avacado Crustini, Humus and Pitta bread fingers, Apricot and Oat biscuits and banana muffin.

The food was served in the parent room and parents were able to meet other parents and talk to each other while enjoying the food.

Parents have given lots of positive feedback and recipes have been shared of their favourites from the evening.

One parent said "their child described the food as delicious- that is quite a compliment from a picky 3-year old"

Also while celebrating the success of the kitchen the next morning we had our regular Food hygiene inspection from EHO who awarded us the highest score of 5 again.