Location: Harlow
4th May 2017

Food tasting

Food tasting Photo-1
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Today the children in our larger pre-school room have experienced different exotic fruits as part of their food tasting activity. 

They have tried different fruits such as dragon fruit, grapefruit, lemon, mango, passion fruit and peach. 

The learning intentions of this activity was for the children to taste, describe textures and smell the scents of fruits they may not have tried before. The children were using different and extended vocabulary such as sour, juicy, soft etc. They also were able to explore and acquire new tastes, likes and dislikes in new foods.  

What does the dragon fruit feel like?

"It feels soggy" ~ Jake 4 years 6 months 

"It feels cold and soft" ~ Bradley 3 years 10 months

"The lemon is sour" ~ Harrison 3 years 4 months 

"I like the melon but I don't like the mango" ~ William ~ 4 years 1 month