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Location: Chelmsford
19th April 2018

Foundation Class @ Busy Bees Chelmsford

Foundation Class @ Busy Bees Chelmsford Photo-1
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In April, we received the fantastic news that our Pre-School Academy had been granted Foundation Class status! This was really exciting, as it meant that we would be receiving lots of new resources and equipment to further enhance our foundations of providing outstanding learning and development opportunities for the children.

The set-up process took a day to complete, with the whole room (and the staff!) being given a new lease of life!

Busy Bees Foundation Class nurtures each child’s natural curiosity within a structured framework, providing Pre school children with an early introduction to school life. Through a balance of formal teaching and child-initiated play, we support children with phonics, letters, counting and other fundamental skills such as concentrating and contributing.
The Foundation Class areas of learning are focused on the children being independent in their own development and exploration, with the use of state of the art equipment. Foundation Class Educators work closely with the children to progress their learning, giving them the confidence to thrive. We recognise that all children learn in their own way and in their own time and our environments support children to be inquisitive; children are encouraged to ask questions, make an inquiry, research and be eager for knowledge.

Our Foundation Class Educators skilfully provide invitations for children to explore and express themselves, this is open-ended and provides the means for expression, communication, language and curiosity.