Head Office News
20th December 2016

Foundation Class at Leicester Meridian

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Welcome to our Foundation Class!

Our foundation class is a bespoke facility created to support pre-school children, ages 3-5 years in their transition to school.

Through focused teaching and learning activities, our foundation class provides children with rich experiences so that children are confident for the next step in their education.

All children are supplied with a polo shirt to prepare them for wearing a uniform at school, giving them a sense of pride for being a member of the Foundation Class.


Children will become confident readers as they grow aware of sounds, letters, books and print.

Our dedicated reading corner displays ‘letter of the week’ and ‘book of the week’ where children are encouraged to explored sounds and shapes with the Foundation Class Early Educator.

Through activities and games that follow children’s interests, children are supported to share stories and engage with books alone.


We speak mathematical language! By asking the children to count things that aren’t objects, such as jumps and clicks, or how many cups are needed for everyone at the table we continually drive children’s curiosity and knowledge of maths.

Children in our Foundation Class enjoy counting songs, rhymes, number stories and mark-making to support their understanding of numbers and problem solving.

Science and Discovery

Children naturally discover, explore and wonder, so our science and discovery area is an extension of children’s behaviour to further enhance their skills and understanding of the world around them.

From carrying out simple experiments, predicting the outcome, looking at the human body, plants, animals and insects, children will have so much fun exploring in our Foundation Class to develop logical thinking and practice.


Children in our Foundation Class can take full advantage of our fantastic ICT resources, including a light table, interactive whiteboard and a computer to develop their understanding of technology and ICT skills.

Supported by our Early Years Educators, children will learn how to use the equipment and understand what they can see.

Expressive Arts and Design

Discover textures, shapes and materials in our Expressive Arts area!

Here children are provided with a creative space to develop their foundation writing skills through drawing lines and shapes, holding writing objects and exploring materials.

In their arts and model making, children can create people and objects to recreate events and express their thoughts and ideas in a creative way.

Imaginative Play

Exciting role play resources and props are provided to explore and play alongside other children.

Our ‘home’ corner allows children to act out their own stories, develop narratives and creative make-believe scenarios.

Small world and construction activities are also provided to allow children to explore their imaginations and play with characters to support their language and interaction with others.

So, now that you have learnt a little more about our Foundation Class why not come along and visit us so that you can experience everything it has to offer first-hand.

We would love to welcome you and answer any questions you might have, see you soon.