Location: Ayr
28th July 2017

Friday's Sponsored Walk!

Friday's Sponsored Walk! Photo-1
Friday's Sponsored Walk! Photo-2
Friday's Sponsored Walk! Photo-3
Friday's Sponsored Walk! Photo-4
Friday's Sponsored Walk! Photo-5
Friday's Sponsored Walk! Photo-6

The final day of our sponsored walk...

Friday 28th July: Today, the Babies and Sunflowers went to the Learning Circle. On our way, we bumped into some characters...

We folllowed a map to get us to the Learning Circle, which the children helped create. We started off at the nursery, we then passed the hospital, car park and some trees, so we knew we were on the right track. 

When we got to the entrance of the Learning Circle, there was a little character waiting for us... it was the mouse from the Gruffalo story... he had a little speech bubble above his head which stated... 'hello, are you looking for the Gruffalo?' ... we continued to follow the route. 

Next, we bumped into the snake! He asked the same question...

We then ran up the hill and came to a quick 'STOOOOOOOP!', there was the owl!

In the far distance we could see the Learning Circle, it was decorated with bunting and there he was, THE GRUFFALO!! 

We had a great morning at the Learning Circle.

Today, we walked 254881 steps. 


Again, a huge 'thank you' for all your sponsors and 'well done' to everyone who has taken part.