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Location: Chichester
7th October 2017

Friendship between the Young and theWise

Since the opening of the Busy Bees nursery at Chichester the Foundation class children have made friends with the elderly guests of Augusta Court care home, together they have enjoyed spending time and having fun together. 

August Sue and her carer joined the Foundation class children for tea, the children made cakes and decorated them, and helped set up the tables ready for Sue's visit. During the visit Sue looked at the children's family photos while the children told her about them. Sue had a lovely time. At the end of her visit Sue wanted to show the children where she lived so the children and their carers walked Sue back to Augusta Court. Sue introduced the children to her friends and showed the children around her home. Phoenix and Felix played quoits with one of Sues friends and Ruby and the other children were shown the pet budgies. Everyone had a lovely afternoon. 

The Children joined their friends of Augusta Court to take part with Zoo Lab. Together they all looked at and handled the different creatures, there was giant snails, tarantulas, giant centipedes and snakes,  It was great to see the children and their elderly friends talking about the animals together.