Location: Glenrothes - Pinewood
6th July 2017

Fruit and Vegetable tasting

Fruit and Vegetable tasting Photo-1
Fruit and Vegetable tasting Photo-4
Fruit and Vegetable tasting Photo-5
Fruit and Vegetable tasting Photo-6

This week the Boys and Girls in Pre School have taken an interest into fruit and vegetables. We have been very busy in our garden over the last couple of weeks planting plants, trees and bushes in the hope we could try our own home grown fruits and that is exactly what we did today. We tasted our home grown strawberries! One child even said, 'I've never tasted something so delicious'. This lead us on to tasting a variety of fruit and vegetables. We tried Onion, Garlic, Lemon and Limes which the children were very involved in cleaning and preparing the fruits and vegetables before tasting and deciding what ones they like and what ones they werent to sure on, We spoke about the impact these foods have on our body and how important it is to eat healthy ensuring we have eaten 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. The children spoke about what we could use the left over food from, they told us, 'Just add it to soup', 'Add it into your pasta' and 'It's ok to eat it on its own'. 

-Pre-School Room Manager