Location: Maidstone Hospital
16th March 2017

Fun filled maths day

Fun filled maths day Photo-1
Fun filled maths day Photo-2
Fun filled maths day Photo-3
Fun filled maths day Photo-4

What a marvellous mathematical day we had! 

Using our mathematical enhancement cards we had lots of activities going on throughout the nursery.

Our under 2's children did lots of puzzle activities, playing in the water with their number ducks splishing and splashing, using our talk time baskets to sing along to our favourite number rhymes and using our objects to match them all up.

Our 2-3 year olds took part in lots of exciting activities like different length straws in the sand picking them out and seeing who had the longest, playing in the water with the measuring jugs filling them up and pouring them out talking about full and empty and how much water they had ?, Looking at numbers 1-5 and then looking round the rooms finding the same amount of objects to match the numbers they have chosen.

Pre-school did different number activities such as sorting colours using tweezers and moving from the different bowls to match all the colours. Number songs which they love including 5 currant buns where the children act out being the currant buns, 5 speckled frogs where they love to hop about being the croaking frogs, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed where the children are all the monkeys jumping about and playing at falling of the bed.

We all had a great day and look forward to more fun maths days to come.