Location: Edinburgh Park
3rd June 2016

Fun in the sun.

Over the last week we have been having some lovely sunny weather here in Edinburgh and the children have been making the most of it daily. Each day the garden area's are buzzing with children's giggles and laughter as they run around chasing each other playing tag games, creating sand castles in our lovely sandpits, challenging their bodies on the climbing frame and just enjoying one anothers company in the sun. Indoor activities have also been brought to the outdoor area so that the children have access to the activities they would if they were inside. Babies have been enjoying mixing sand and water together, while the dragonflies have been exploring the lovely texture of shaving foam. In the preschool garden the children have been using their imaginations to make up games therefore learning to negotiate with one another, take turns and problem solve when things don't go the way they think it should. Toddlers have enjoyed being able to run about and use up that immense energy they have and develop further gross motor skills. Long may this lovely weather last.!!!