Location: Chelmsford Springfield
30th September 2016

Fun on our First Week!

Fun on our First Week! Photo-1
Fun on our First Week! Photo-2
Fun on our First Week! Photo-3
Fun on our First Week! Photo-4
Fun on our First Week! Photo-5
Fun on our First Week! Photo-6

Our children have thoroughly enjoyed their first week at our new Springfield Nursery. The older children loved exploring the light table and counting out the different colours, they also had lots of fun putting the black and white x-ray photos on the light table and looking at the body parts.

We joined all our children together to make banana and oat cakes, the younger children enjoyed mixing the ingredients together whilst the older children had fun using the egg timer to take turns with their friends, the children knew when the egg timer had stopped they had to pass the mixing bowl onto the next person. The children got messy making and mixing the icing sugar together and choosing the sprinkles to decorate their cakes with.

Our children have had an exciting time exploring their outdoor environments, the Busy Bees (3-5's) and Bumble Bees (2-3's) have loved whizzing around on the scooters and bikes along the coloured pathway. The garden slide has been a hit too, with the children taking turns to slide down the slide. 

Busy Bees and Bumble Bees have also made magic potions this week, they mixed water colouring, bubbles and foam together and poured them into bottles to make special potions together.

We are looking forward to creating many more memories in the coming weeks with our new children starting the nursery and our existing children.