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Location: Norwich Thorpe
23rd January 2018

Funny Bones

Lets draw our skeleton
Harry drew the skeleton eyes
Look, his teeth!
Mr Skeleton
Our skeleton masterpiece!
Lucy's super skull

Our Funnybones

Pre-School have kicked off Enrolment Week today but reading their new favourite story, "Funnybones"

We loved listening to the book and singing the song to learn where our bones connect too. Our favourite bit of the book is when they are trying to put skeleton dog back together and they put the tail in the wrong place! We couldn't srtop laughing as he looked very funny. 

This then led us to looking at the bones in our body. We placed a large piece of paper on the floor and drew around Harry. Suzanne printed us off some pictures of skeletons so we could draw our own. Harry started with the eyes and then Phoebe said "don't forget the teeth"

The children spoke about going to the doctors and when they have been to hospital and that doctors help us get better and mend broken bones. 

Lucy said "use a cast" when we spoke about our leg bone and what would happen if it broke. Evie then said "I have seen a wheelchair" if we couldn't walk. 

Emily looked at the skeleton picture and said "Look at his feet" We counted how many bones there were "There are 3 bones in our feet" Emily said. Maggie then looked up from her drawing and said "I have 2 bones in my feet!"

Rachel said "What's this one?" and pointed the the spine. We spoke about the spine and how important it is to our body. "I will do the spine" Rachel said as she got her pencil at started drawing the bones. 

We all sat really still and felt our chest to feel our hearts beating. "I can feel it" Eleanor said. We looked at what can make our heart beat faster. We are all going to feel our hearts when we have ran around in the garden to see how it feels different. 

Lucy then drew her own skeleton head, she was very proud if this. "Look at my skeleton Gemma."

As you can see from the finished masterpiece it is a wonderful skeleton. We cannot wait to learn more about our bodies...